Tuesday, 12 October 2010

New Starts.

Psalm 100 (Masoretic numbering101)
Each morning I would slay all sinners in the land: that I might root out all evil doers from the city of the Lord.
I have met His Grace Bishop Angaelos of the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Stevenage twice.  He is physically much smaller than I expected from his Wikipedia Photo but his charismatic presence is huge.  He was brought up in Australia, so his English is perfect, but I noticed that the Egyptians hold him is awe too.

His sermon at the last Liturgy I went to in Stevenage concerned New Starts, and finding excuses to start to get your life straight.  Every new year, and it was the start of a new Coptic church year on that particular Sunday, is a good place to start our relationship with God again.

There are many new start opportunities.  The last line of Psalm 100 reminds us that every new morning is a new opportunity to put sin behind us.   Just like Baptism, a good Confession is another good fresh start.

+Angaelos has a couple of good snippets on YouTube, I particularly like his 'Timeout' analogy.  If you love another Human you want to to spend all your time with them.  Why do you say you love God, but only want to spend an hour with him on Sundays?